Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots of Reading


-- RIP, Alain Resnais: David Hudson and Catherine Grant.

-- RIP, Stuart Hall: Verso Books; The Guardian; Isaac Julien; Dissent; John Akomfrah at Frieze.

-- Catherine Grant has put together a tribute to Eduardo Coutinho at Mediático. At Catherine's, a Richard Linklater post called "The Flâneur on Film". Also: her new essay "Becoming 'Arturo Ripstein'?"

-- A conversation with Nicole Brenez, at Cinética.

-- Kent Jones' piece on auteurism, "Critical Condition".

-- Adrian Martin on Philippe Garrel's Jealousy; Nicholas Ray; Miguel Gomes' Tabu; Mark Rappaport's Mozart in Love; and a new book of film theory by Sergi Sánchez. Also: Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian: "All Tomorrow's Parties".

-- Steven Shaviro: "The New Cinematography"; and "Liking vs. Wanting".

-- "Blue Ruin: Totality and Acceleration" by McKenzie Wark. An interview with Wark on accelerationism.

-- Jonathan Rosenbaum has put up a post with links to several of his pieces on Alain Resnais. 

-- The Siren: "Let's Talk About Kim Novak". 

-- Luc Moullet, "The Mask and the Role of God" (translated by Ted Fendt). 

-- David Bordwell: "Agee, Farber, Tyler and us"; "Agee & Co.: A Newer Criticism"; on some recent books including James Naremore's; and more on James Agee.

-- Fantasy Double Features of 2013 Poll at The Notebook.

-- Paul Ramaeker: "Dr. Mabuse, Our Contemporary"; and on supernatural romantic melodrama and surrealism.

-- End-of-year lists and reflections at Lumière by many critics including Matthew Flanagan, Maximilian Le Cain, Andy Rector, Filipe Furtado, Christopher Small, Marcos Uzal, and others.

-- Michael Sicinski on Jodie Mack.

-- Pasquale Iannone's 10-film primer on Italian neorealism.

-- Jill Godmilow offers one of the rare dissenting opinions on The Act of Killing. (I've not seen the film yet.)

-- "On Fredric Jameson" by Alex Carp.

-- This new collection of essays on Nick Ray's films, edited by Steve Rybin and Will Scheibel, looks great.

-- Some interesting fragments of unfinished pieces by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky now up at his blog.

-- Will Self on Patrick Keiller's new book.

-- Matthew Dessem, "Film Preservation 2.0".

-- Peter Monaghan, "China Girls, Leading Ladies, Actual Women". (Via Corey Creekmur.)

-- Regina Bradley on "the dichotomy of urban and suburban in the context of sound (noisy and quiet) versus hip hop". (Via Corey.)

-- Readings to accompany the interesting film series "The Devil, Probably" at Yale Union. (Via Matthew Flanagan.)

-- Stuart Jeffries, "Alain Badiou: A Life in Writing".