Sunday, December 22, 2013

Recent Reading

-- "Best Films of the Year" lists: BFI; IndieWire; Film Comment "Best Undistributed" and "Best Theatrically Released";  Adrian Martin's "Ten Best Confrontations"; Michael Sicinski's "most inexplicably slept-on"; Steve Erickson's "Ten Best Political Documentaries"; Simon Abrams' "One-Week Wonders"; and Max Goldberg's "The year in media scavenging".  

-- I joined many others, including Jonathan Rosenbaum, Adrian Martin, Nicole Brenez, and Joe McElhaney, in contributing to this collection of lists of "12 Favourite Filmmakers" compiled by Rouzbeh Rashidi.

-- New issues of: Photogénie; Jump Cut; Film-Philosophy; Cléo; Senses of Cinema; Alphaville; and The Cine-Files.

-- Gender inequality in film, depicted in infographic form.

-- Two essays on Ritwik Ghatak by Adrian Martin: on A River Called Titas at Criterion; and The Cloud-Capped Star at Projectorhead.

-- "Names and Naming in John Ford" by Charles Barr, at 16:9. Via Adrian.

-- Kent Jones: "Robert Bresson: An Introduction". At Film Comment.

-- Jonathan Rosenbaum: "A Personal Account of an Adventure Called Film.Factory". Also by Jonathan: an introduction to a recent collection of Peanuts comic strips; and his ten-best lists for the year.

-- "A cat is never on the side of power": A great website on cats and cinema.

-- The slides for a presentation by Steven Shaviro on "delirious perception" in Spring Breakers.

-- "Predator, or A-Violence," an essay by Martin Barnier that first appeared in an issue of the French magazine Admiranda devoted to action movies in 1996. Now translated into English by Ted Fendt, at The Vulgar Cinema.

-- David Bordwell on Hitchcock, Lessing and the distinction between suspense and surprise.

-- J. Hoberman on David Cronenberg in The New York Review of Books.

-- Richard Tuschman's photographs inspired by Edward Hopper paintings.

-- Michael Sicinski on Luiz Fernando Carvalho's To the Left of the Father; and on the influence of Robert Gardner.

-- You can watch the documentary Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16 at Cinephilia and Beyond.

-- A lecture on photography titled "The Genius of the System" by Luc Sante.

-- A talk with Philippe Garrel in Interview magazine.

-- Leo Goldsmith on DocLisboa 2013.

-- DJ Taylor on a working-class pioneer of cultural studies, Richard Hoggart, in The Guardian.

-- David Davidson: "Brian de Palma at Cahiers du Cinéma in the 80s".

-- "What Has Happened to Modern Art?" by Ben Hourigan. Via Adrian.

-- "The 10 Best Film-Studies Books of 2013" by Clayton Dillard. At Slant.

pic: Hannah Frank's minute-long video, It's A Wonderful Face.