Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Recent Online Discoveries

I’d like to devote this post to sharing some recent online discoveries of film websites and writings. And perhaps you might also recommend some good sites that should be better known than they are?

-- Great news: Fergus Daly has set up a page with links to over 50 of his pieces. Daly is a terrific critic and filmmaker based in Dublin. He co-wrote the book Leos Carax (Manchester Univesity Press, 2003), and made the documentaries Abbas Kiarostami: The Art of Living (with Pat Collins) and Experimental Conversations (I transcribed all of Nicole Brenez’s interview responses from this movie in an earlier post). Lots of great reading here.

-- The last post, on vulgar auteurism, generated a productive conversation and also led me to discover several websites, including The Vulgar Cinema, a group blog run by Sara Freeman, Christopher Small, Jack Lehtonen, Otie Wheeler, Jack Cole and CJ Roy. Related: Tina Hassania's Vulva Auteurism; the group blog Mission McTiernan; and the image-only Tumblr site Vulgar Auteurism.

-- A treasure trove of reading in the first two issues of the journal Cinema Comparat/ive Cinema: Issue #1 (pieces by Jean-Luc Godard, Henri Langlois, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Jean Douchet and Quintin); and the just-released Issue #2 (interviews with Jacques Rancière and Bernard Eisenschitz and many other pieces).

-- J.J. Murphy on Independent Cinema, a blog I should've been hip to a long time ago. (Thanks, Adrian.)

-- Great to see that Doug Cummings' Film Journey, one of the first film blogs I ever read, has now been "rebooted".

-- The huge Tumblr site Cinephilia and Beyond.

Any recommendations of websites: blogs, Tumblr sites, magazines, journals ... ?

* * *

Other links to recent reading:

-- The new issue of Cinema Scope magazine includes, among many online pieces, Jonathan Rosenbaum's Global Discoveries on DVD column.

-- The new issue of Screening The Past has essays by Bernard Stiegler, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Adrian Martin, Douglas Pye, George Kouvaros, and many others.

-- At Photogénie, Tom Paulus and Bart Versteirt have been reporting from Bologna. See the right sidebar for their blog posts.

-- David Davidson posts the documentary Serge Daney: Journey of a Cine-Son (1992), with English subtitles.

-- Blake Williams ranks the films he saw at Cannes at his website R and G and B.

-- In an innovative post, Ehsan Khoshbakht and Naiel Ibarrola use the comics form to discuss five great jazz films.

-- Catherine Grant puts up a post devoted to Todd Haynes' Safe.

-- At the Criterion site, Tom Gunning has an essay on František Vláčil's Marketa Lazarová (1967).

-- Jonathan Rosenbaum's 1995 piece "The Preminger Enigma".

-- Dan Sallitt has a post on the inexhaustible Rio Bravo.

-- Via Srikanth Srinivasan: An interview with Noël Burch in my hometown newspaper, The Hindu.

-- Ted Fendt translates Serge Daney's obituary of Allan Dwan at his site Howling Wretches.