Monday, May 13, 2013

What Keeps A Writer Writing?

I've written a guest post titled "What Keeps A Writer Writing?" for the University of Pittsburgh film studies program blog Special Affects.

In the post I wonder: What drives a writer to keep writing about cinema in the long run even if she doesn't make a living by it?  My post has to do mostly with cinema students who may not find themselves employed full-time in the field after they finish their studies. But this is also a challenge for the many writers in Internet film culture who don't happen to write for a living.

If you're inclined to share your thoughts, I'd love to know: What conditions or circumstances motivate you to write? What marks those periods of your life when you've been able to write -- and what characterizes those periods when you've been less enthused to write? Thank you.

* * *

Links to recent reading:

-- Pasquale Iannone cites several interesting precursors in his piece on the "roots of neorealism" in Sight & Sound.

-- Kent Jones on John Ford, and Quentin Tarantino's recent comments about Ford; and some thoughts by Zach Campbell.

-- The fourth issue of Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism, edited by Andrew Klevan and Victor Perkins, is now up.

-- "The 50 Greatest Matte Paintings of All Time".

-- From Jonathan Rosenbaum: a program notes essay on Jacques Rivette written for Cinematheque Ontario a few years ago; a piece on the Belgian filmmaker André Delvaux; and a recommendation to check out a newly discovered video on Raymond Durgnat.

-- I've just picked up a copy of a collection of essays by Elio Petri called "Writings on Cinema and Life".

-- Catherine Grant has great posts on slow cinema; and on the films of Claire Denis.

-- Catherine's post includes a link to Matthew Flanagan's PhD thesis on slow cinema in contemporary art and experimental film; Matthew's coverage of experimental film at the last London Film Festival is here.

-- Steve Rybin at Cinephile Papers on "rhythm in movies".

-- Alain Bergala on the photography of Johan van der Keuken.

-- Cléo, a new journal of film and feminism edited by Kiva Reardon.

-- The debut of Screencity Journal, which features multidisciplinary analyses of contemporary urban space.

-- Ted Fendt translates a text by Louis Seguin on Straub/Huillet's Class Relations at MUBI.

-- "From Method Acting to Method Viewing" by Fergus Daly in the latest issue of Experimental Conversations.

-- Charles Petersen on Stanley Cavell in n+1.

pic: Claire Denis, who turned 65 recently and has a new film premiering at Cannes next week.