Monday, July 02, 2012

The Internets Never Sleep

I've just returned from Bologna, only to be reminded of how fast Internet film reading piles up if you go off the grid for a couple of weeks. So here's what I've been catching up on:

-- The new Belgian website Photogénie features both a journal and a blog and is sponsored by the Flemish Film Culture Service. At Bologna, I had the pleasure of meeting and having a long conversation with Sam Roggen, a cinephile and scholar who works for the service and who has filed several reports from the festival (they are collected on the home page). In addition, the site features an essay by Tom Paulus called "A Lover’s Discourse: Cinephilia, or, The Color of Cary Grant’s Socks".

-- Lots of great reading: The much-anticipated first issue of the journal Frames, guest-edited by Catherine Grant and co-edited by Fredrik Gustafsson, has just appeared. The theme is "Film and Moving Image Studies Re-Born Digital?" I have a short piece in it called "A Universe of New Images".

-- The new issue of La Furia Umana is devoted to Leo McCarey, Jean-Claude Rousseau, Paul Vecchiali and José Luis Guerín.

-- The filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin has died

-- Andrew Sarris, 1928-2012: David Hudson collects links to a number of pieces.

-- Catherine rounds up an issue of the online cinema journal The Cine-Files that focuses on the French New Wave.

-- Jonathan Rosenbaum's essay on the films of Lisl Ponger, which appears in the new collection Film Unframed: A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema, edited by Peter Tscherkassky.

-- New issues of Cinema Scope and Cineaste.

-- At Ted Fendt's blog: a piece by Eric Rohmer on 1.33:1.

-- Ignatiy Vishnevetsky uses a randomizing procedure to narrow down his Sight & Sound top 10 list, and discusses all that is common to three films (all from 1981) that pop up on his list.

-- Chris Fujiwara's blog posts from the Edinburgh International Film Festival; and an interview with him at Twitch.

-- J. Hoberman has a piece on the American reception of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's films.

-- Interiors, an online journal "in which films are analyzed and diagrammed in terms of space."

-- Michael Glover Smith watches a large number of Raoul Walsh films and summarizes their key common features.

-- Several new essays have appeared at LOLA: Alexander García Düttmann on Bresson's The Devil, Probably; Helen Grace on "aesthetic risk"; Sarinah Masukor on Harun Farocki; Janine Burke on Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method; and Cloe Masotta on Philippe Grandrieux's Masao Adachi.

* * *

I'll be back on my every-two-weeks blogging schedule beginning next week, with an account of the film festival in Bologna. Meanwhile, please feel free to recommend any cinema reading or links you like in the comments below.

pic: Madeleine Renaud in Jean Grémillon's "aviatrix film" Le ciel est à vous (1944), one of my Bologna highlights.


Anonymous Greg de Cuir, Jr. said...

If you have the time, add NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies to your reading list! Ranciere, Sinnerbrink, Dasgupta, et al.

July 02, 2012 9:00 PM  
Blogger girish said...

Thank you for this, Greg! I read Ranciere's "gaps" article last week, loved it, and then forgot to go back and read the rest of the issue. Thanks for the reminder. Here is a clickable link for all to the latest issue of the NECSUS journal.

July 02, 2012 10:09 PM  
Anonymous Larry Gross said...

Thanks for the tip on the superb Kansas Sire web site,

Also sorry we did not get a chance to meet in Bologna.

July 04, 2012 4:54 AM  
Anonymous Peter Nellhaus said...

Parallel to these articles listed, I am in print for the first time following seven years on my own site and guest shots on other sites. While it's great to be sharing credit with someone like Noel Vera, as well as a bunch of academics, I'm the last person to call myself an expert on Thai cinema. On the other hand, now that I am published in both French and English, does that make me a more legitimate presence on the internet?

The book is Southeast Asian Cinema from Asiexpo, by the way.

July 04, 2012 11:10 PM  
Blogger girish said...

Congrats, Peter! I look forward to reading the book.

Larry, sorry I missed you in Bologna. I enjoyed your post about the festival at the Film Comment blog.

July 06, 2012 9:15 AM  

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