Monday, March 19, 2012

Links to Recent Reading

A handful of recent reads:

-- At Lumière, several artists and writers including Nicole Brenez, Luc Moullet, Nathaniel Dorsky, Matthew Flanagan, Ted Fendt, Andy Rector and Edwin Mak pick the cinema events and highlights of 2011.

-- Nicole Brenez was in New York recently.

-- Using a series of images, Daniel Kasman draws intriguing parallels between William Wellman's Midnight Mary (1933) and John Carpenter's They Live (1988).

-- At Cine Transit: "Avatars of the Encounter" by Adrian Martin, in English and Spanish, the translation performed by Cristina Álvarez López in collaboration with Adrian. Also: "In-Flight Movie," this month's entry in Adrian's regular column for Filmkrant.

-- Via Adrian: Donald Reid on Film Socialisme at n+1; Andrew Gallix on the "death of literature" in the Guardian.

-- As always, Catherine Grant has been super-productive in the last couple of weeks: (1) A video essay comparing sequences from the silent and sound versions of Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929); (2) She has started a new video essay column at Press Play called Audiovisualcy; and (3) She has new posts on ""Dangerous" Cinematic Women Studies" and "practice-led research" in audiovisual film studies.

-- Nico Baumbach's essay "What Is, or Was, Cinephilia?" in Film Comment, is now available online in three parts: One; Two; and Three. Also at Film Comment: Jonathan Rosenbaum remembers Gilbert Adair.

-- At ArtInfo, J. Hoberman is now the proprietor of a blog called Movie Journal.

-- The new issue of Framework has two dossiers on "work," guest edited by Elena Gorfinkel and Ewa Mazierska respectively.

-- Great news: V.F. Perkins' BFI book on The Rules of the Game will be out this summer.

-- David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are partnering with Criterion to create an hour-long set of 20 videos on various aspects of filmmaking.

-- (Via Andrew Klevan) Edwin Davies on the show Luck and the future of serialized television.

-- Ubuweb puts up an interview with Ornette Coleman by Jacques Derrida [PDF]. (Via Rowena Santos Aquino, who runs one of the best cinephile/criticism pages on Twitter.)

-- Cinema retrospective news via Chris Mason Wells: Anthology Film Archives is running programs of films by Carmelo Bene and Sara Driver.

-- The Andrzej Żuławski retrospective in NYC has generated a lot of interest. David Hudson rounds up the pieces and interviews.

-- I've been enjoying the new translation (by Richard Howard) of Roland Barthes' Mythologies.

pic: Sara Driver's Sleepwalk (1986). See AltScreen's collection of links on the film here.