Saturday, October 03, 2009

Catching up on Interweb Reading

I spent a week at the Toronto film festival--more on that in a post coming up next week--and then came down with 'festival exhaustion'. Now I've now been catching up on all the Internet movie reading I missed in the last few weeks. Let me collect some of it here:

-- At Slow TV, a terrific debate on the new Tarantino film featuring Adrian Martin and three other critics/scholars.

-- Zach Campbell: "Mad Men is good, but it's not even close to Tashlin's critiques. It remains exquisitely tasteful, on the surface, and ultimately middlebrow. Therein lie a few of the problems." Also: Zach on Inglourious Basterds: "Quentin Tarantino has an incredibly unphilosophical mind, and this is both his strength and his problem. Not even in his most mature work (Jackie Brown) does he really question anything. The root of his cinema is pleasure, a deeply tactile, visceral, and memory-based pleasure for which, presumably, there are no limits worth abiding (in quantity or quality)."

-- Several pieces at Jonathan Rosenbaum's: Sally Potter's The Gold Diggers (that appeared in Camera Obscura); Fatal Attraction ("Fear of Feminism"); Paris Journal for Film Comment (1971) on Demy, Pollet, Franju, Tati and Rivette; two Alan Rudolph films, Remember My Name and Mortal Thoughts.

-- New issues of: Cinema Scope; Senses of Cinema; Film Quarterly.

-- From the Toronto International Film Festival: Darren Hughes at Long Pauses; Richard Porton at Cineaste; B. Ruby Rich at SF360; Also: David Hudson collects a master index of TIFF reviews at The Auteurs.

-- Recent Dave Kehr writing in the NYT DVD column: "Tradition of Quality" films; Jacques Demy's Model Shop, Nikkatsu Noir; The Wizard of Oz.

-- A wealth of links from the valuable, indefatigable Catherine Grant, including this post on classical cinema.

-- Igantiy Vishnevetsky is among the most thoughtful of today's film bloggers. Here, at his site, Sounds, Images, are links to his recent writings and posts.

-- At Moving Image Source: Kevin Lee's two-part essay on Chinese cinema of the Cultural Revolution; Joshua Land on "The female Christ figures of Lars von Trier's films"; Jonathan Rosenbaum on Manny Farber.

-- Jeffrey Sconce on the Rotten Tomatoes' "worst of the worst" films of the decade.

-- Frieze runs a series in which artists and filmmakers talk about films that are important to them. Latest in the series is Tacita Dean; other entries can be found in the sidebar.

-- Matthew Flanagan's Landscape Suicide is one of the most original and stimulating places in the film blogosphere. See this recent post on forests.

-- David Bordwell on summer movies: one, and two.

-- Sally Potter's Rage is the first film made for cell-phone release. Here's an interview with Potter.

-- Marc Raymond on melodrama in Korean cinema.

-- Danny Kasman's review makes me eager to see the new Rivette film.

-- At Dennis Cooper's: David Ehrenstein presents "Rainer Werner Fassbinder Day."

-- Newly discovered blogs: the Indian site The Edit Room (at the Wide Screen Journal); Putney Debater, run by filmmaker/scholar Michael Chanan; Iranian cinephile Ehsan Khoshbakht's Notes on Cinematograph.

Any other recent, good reading you'd like to recommend? Please leave a link in the comments.