Monday, June 20, 2005

Live From Tofu Hut

It's a thrill to present guest blogger John Seroff of the eminent Tofu Hut. When the committee meets in Stockholm soon to award the inaugural music-blogging Nobel, they better be a shrewd bunch and foresee the rioting in the streets that is sure to follow if their pick isn't John. He is a scary-good blogman, assembling encyclopedic posts with faultless taste, scores of links and erudite commentary. Here's a Newsweek story featuring him, and here's a Tofu Hut sample post to give you an idea.

And now John takes on the currently circulating film meme.

1. Total number of films I own on DVD and video.

Not many really. I've had to move around quite a bit, which means that I've had to get rid of things I've accumulated. Probably only about forty DVDs (three seasons of The Simpsons, the Ultimate Universal Wolf Man and Deadwood Season One making up the bulk of that); I'm not even sure if I still have a videotape anymore.

2. Last film I bought.

Wow, I never buy films. I rent like a hardcore freak tho'; both via Netflix and through the New York Public Library. As a matter of fact, I just got back from the library with a copy of the Criterion Edition of Time Bandits; does that count?

3. Last film I watched.

Watched Hotel Rwanda with the girl last night and couldn't even get further than forty-five minutes into it. Very very weak film, very much an American gloss on a far too complex topic overweighed with constant exposition, hamhanded filmmaking and oversimplification. I'm glad to see anything bringing U.S. eyes to the atrocities going on overseas that we could have some impact on if our elected officials decide we consider it a priority, rant rant, etc. - but - this just
didn't make for interesting or informative watching. F'r chrissakes, prior to the first massacre there are dark storm clouds on the horizon. I'm sure there will eventually be some powerful films to come out of the Tutsi massacres; this isn't one of them.

4. Five films I watch a lot (or that mean a lot to me).

I've seen these films more than three times and at least once recently:

-- My Neighbor Totoro
-- The Seven Samurai
-- Happiness of the Katakuris
-- Goodfellas
-- Lagaan

5. If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be?

What a strange question! How about God in The Apple, the 1980 anti-music-industry Orwellian-dystopia/Jesus-will-save-the-music love-in by Menahem Golan?

As a movie watcher, I'm a bit of an obsessive: I try for about three films a week as a minimum and have a sense of having missed out if I go a week without; so far this year, I've probably seen about seventy or so. The last movie I saw in theaters was Howl's Moving Castle, which had a disappointing ending but was well worth the trouble; I'll likely go see a few Werner Herzog films and some stuff at the Museum of Modern Art along with Batman Returns in the near future.


Blogger John said...

Can I say again how awesome that Hut pic is?
It's awesome.

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